Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Writing Because ...

I sit at the kitchen table writing. Writing because all is quiet in my house except for the whirring of fans in the bedrooms, the rocking of the swing, which cradles my yawning child, and the noise of my neverending throughts. Writing because my hand itched for a pen to hold. Writing because ... just because.

I should be laying down, but my little one refuses to sleep in the pack n play. He is getting too big for the bassinet and still hasn't gotten use to his crib, so I am awake with my thoughts as he nods off in the swing.

So I write.

Often enough I try to shut my thoughts off because so many come at one time or they just lead to another thought before I really even get the chance to process that first thought. Then I wonder if that's just how I'm made. Writing does wonders for keeping my thoughts in line. Plus, if I think of something along the way, I can jot it down on another page and come back to it.

My thoughts so far have included:

~ What am I doing with my writing?
~ What does God want me to do with my writing?
~ Wonder what Liam will be when he grows up.
         - don't go there with Austin yet, he's still my baby.
~ I am proud of Josh for a life changing decision he made.
~ When will Austin sleep through the night?
~ My neighbors sure are loud.
~ It's rather amazing wher I am in life now compared to 8-10 years ago.
~ I wonder if there is something I can do with my past that would help and be a ministry to others.

As I take a drink of water, I ponder over all of these thoughts and many more I have not written down.  And so, I write. Write because it helps to get it all out. Write because I love to. Write because ...
just because.

I am joining Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary: Just Write

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One Crafty Mother said...

I love this -- writing just BECAUSE. How it brings us closer to the center of ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams and our ordinary moments.

That's what Just Write is all about. :)