Monday, October 10, 2011

Notre Dame

These are the amazing tickets that we were given, yes, given over the weekend. As many of you know, my husband has been a Notre Dame fan for his whole life! I never really paid attention to college football until he and I started dating. Then he got me into Notre Dame :) And our oldest soon followed! I was called by a friend Friday afternoon to find out if we wanted some Notre Dame football tickets. I called Josh and his immediate reaction was "heck yeah!".

So we got the tickets for free and we decided that even though I would LOVE to go with him, it would be best for him to take Liam with. That way they could have some boy bonding time and have fun at a football game. See, the best part of this is that neither Josh or Liam had ever been to a Notre Dame game. Josh has waited 32 years to go to a game and was finally able to go. Liam thought it was pretty neat that they were going to be able to both go to their first game together :o) Of course, I had to get a picture of my guys before they headed off to the game.

So decked out in their Notre Dame shirts, jerseys and hats, they headed off to the game with tickets and camera in tow! We packed a backpack for Liam with things to do during the drive there and back as well as some snacks during the time they were there. They left with plenty of time so they could wander around the campus and explore. They were able to go to the one place that I have wanted to go - the Notre Dame library! It is a HUGE building with TONS of books! Oh, heaven!

When the team was coming onto campus, everyone gathered by the area that they were going to go by. There were ropes to keep everyone back and Liam was lucky enough to be right next to the ropes and see all the coaches and players go by. Josh said he was rather intimidated by the players and was unsure about giving them high fives :o)

They hung out in a grassy area under some trees for awhile, eating hot dogs, playing football with another father and son and just playing around with each other. When it was time, they walked into the stadium to find their seats and wait for everything to start.

                         After the warm ups and the marching band came out, the game began!

Liam was getting high fives from everyone around their seats during the game and he was loving it! My guys got one last picture before they left and I love it! They were having so much fun! Josh said Liam looked at him and said, "Thank you for bringing me, daddy! This was 100% awesome!". For the rest of the day, he was thanking both of us for bringing him or letting him go! He did amazing. They only stayed for the first half, but at half time, Notre Dame was winning 42-16. The end score was 59-33! What a fun experience for them to be able to take part in!

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snoopyshel said...

This is exactly why I wanted to give those tickets to you. I'm so glad they got to do that, and it's really special that they both got to do it for the first time together! And the!