Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Cold...

A runny/stuffy nose is never fun to have to deal with. The inability to breathe well and if you get the chance to breathe, it's not for very long. The headache you get from constantly having to blow your nose or sniffing. The pressure you feel in your head from the never ending gathering of mucus. The fever and/or chills that might accompany all of these things. Add on top of that, the only thing you REALLY need to feel better is sleep, but you can't get it because you can't breathe, get comfortable or stop the pounding in your head.

Tears start to stream down your cheeks because you are just exhausted and not feeling well. You just want comfort!

Well this is my little Austin right now. I don't know if he is experiencing every single one of these symptoms, but I do know what it's like to have a cold. I know he has a lot of these and it is just not fun! I want to take the nastiness that is inside his precious little body and put it in mine. He seems so miserable and all he wants is mama to hold him.

My poor little buddy!

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