Friday, July 6, 2012

Crawling :)

He's crawling! Oh, he's crawling!

My baby is fully mobile now and is so quick, too! It went from rolling to crawling in the blink of an eye! It didn't seem to have any in between.

Austin sure did take his time to crawl. But it was so fun to watch him roll, twist, turn and all around finagle himself to exactly where he wanted to go. Not it's all over and just a waiting game until walking - ugh! Not yet!

We love watching him grow, but boy it sure is hard sometimes. You can't turn back time and it certainly doesn't stop.

Bit by Bit

Albeit the moving process has had it's ups and downs, stressful moments as well as hair pulling moments, it is so nice to not be stepping all over each other.

The boys are enjoying their rooms and backyard. Josh and I are enjoying the ability to let our boys have more freedom. We are also enjoying our first home :) Neither one of us has ever had a house, so this is something special for both of us.

We are settling in nicely, bit by bit. Making this our home, bit by bit.

2 on the 2nd

So a couple of families I know do pictures of their kids each month on the corresponding day to how many kids they have. Well back in May, I decided I wanted to do it, too. Unfortunately, I was already past the 2nd of May, so there is not one for May.

But this is June's picture:

These are our boys on the front steps of our new house! :) It also happens to be the first pictures of them here. I couldn't pick just one picture because these were all so cute! We will be officially moving in on June 9th! :)

I Miss Your Blogs

Clearly I took another break from writing as much as I used to. It was not planned at all. I wrote two blog entries and then never typed them up to publish them.

Then so much craziness ensued with birthdays, holidays, moving, Liam finishing first grade, medical issues with me, Liam and Austin and so much more! I have so many things to write about now. My brain is stuffed with all these ideas - I literally wrote a bunch down so I don't forget :) because - I will.

I have again been feeling the pull to write, but have continuously put it off. Again, telling myself I'm not good enough and no one really wants to hear what lil ole me has to say. I'm a nobody in the writing world.


Josh "By the way, I thought about something that I miss .... from you!"

Me "Oh yeah? What's what?"

Josh "Your blogs! I already have an idea about the things you'll write about. However, it's still nice to
         hear your heart through writings!"

My amazing husband said that to me and not only did it warm my heart, but it inspired me to write more.


Then came this post that I, again, wrote a couple of months ago, but didn't publish.



One half

There are so many things that these can stand for.

The two significant things this stands for with me right now are half way to one year and half way to being a teenager.

I can't believe that 7 1/2 months have gone by already and my baby is half way to being one! He is rolling everywhere, sitting up like a champ, making all sorts of new noises, saying mama and dada, laughing at his brother, smiling at our dog, eating solid foods like a big boy and growing so fast!

He loves green beans and squash! I have been processing my own food - so fun! Those two have been the overall hit with him.

Austin and I have fallen into a pretty nice routine that seems to work for all of us.

Liam will be 7 in less than a month - he's already half way to a teenager - ah! How did that much time go by? It seems like just yesterday he was Austin's age and just beginning to learn things. Now he is over half done with first grade, almost 7 and crazy smart!

I can't blink - before I know it they will be half way to 30, half done with college, half way to their wedding and kids of their own....

Never Too Late To Write

This post is actually something I wrote a couple of months ago, but didn't get the chance to actually publish it.

So much time has gone by. I have found every excuse under the sun not to write:

It started with I got busy.

Moved to I need to sleep while Austin is because I'm tired, so I don't write.

Then, Liam is home on break and I need/want to spend time with him. And Josh is on vacation because of holidays and I need/want to spend time with him.

On to, does it even matter if I write?

And so on to the point that it was easier to come up with a reason not to write then it was to write. It was harder for me to come up with a reason to write.

Until I picked up my notebook yesterday and started thinking about and writing my book again. The love for writing instantly came back and now it's all I can think about.

So now I am just writing to write because the urge is there and my mind can't be quieted.