Friday, July 6, 2012

I Miss Your Blogs

Clearly I took another break from writing as much as I used to. It was not planned at all. I wrote two blog entries and then never typed them up to publish them.

Then so much craziness ensued with birthdays, holidays, moving, Liam finishing first grade, medical issues with me, Liam and Austin and so much more! I have so many things to write about now. My brain is stuffed with all these ideas - I literally wrote a bunch down so I don't forget :) because - I will.

I have again been feeling the pull to write, but have continuously put it off. Again, telling myself I'm not good enough and no one really wants to hear what lil ole me has to say. I'm a nobody in the writing world.


Josh "By the way, I thought about something that I miss .... from you!"

Me "Oh yeah? What's what?"

Josh "Your blogs! I already have an idea about the things you'll write about. However, it's still nice to
         hear your heart through writings!"

My amazing husband said that to me and not only did it warm my heart, but it inspired me to write more.

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