Friday, June 17, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting

I should be sleeping, but I'm not. Silence and the humming of the computer are the only things that can be heard in our place right now. My men are sleeping the night away. I, however, am not. The littlest one that is growing inside of me is moving and pushing out as I am writing this. I have yet to meet him and he is amazing in every way. I can feel his little feet as they push against my skin and he tries to stretch out. This is a feeling that I will never forget and love the opportunity that God has given me to know these sensations. I know many do not get to experience the joys of pregnancy.

As we eagerly await his arrival, we are trying to prepare; as much as one can truly prepare for the birth of a little one. I have definitely been in nesting mode the last week or so. I have been getting so much done in the days that it amazes me sometimes. It's as if I get one project/chore done and before I can turn around I think of something else that just MUST be done. There are days that I don't sit down at all to relax until my husband comes home from work. It just seems as though it never all gets done. Since the beginning of the pregnancy, I have had a running list of things that I need to or would like to get done before this little guy gets here. As soon as some of those items get checked off, I am writing more down. I did just that tonight :o) As I was laying in bed, unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep, I thought of as least two more things that I need to do before he's here. So out of bed I get to add them to the list.

Up until last week, I would have said that yes, I was ready for our boy to get here. However, when Josh mentioned last week that there was only ten days until I am full term (now there are 4) I said no way! I am just not ready. There is so much stuff to finish still.

There are only a few small things that we need to purchase still, but other than that, we have everything we will need for him right away. I just feel like more needs to get done around the apartment before he can get here. :o)

Oh! And those weekends that are free before he gets here that I mentioned last time are no longer free :o) It's amazing at how things/weekends fill up so quickly! Hopefully, after Austin gets here I will have even more chances to do some writing and will attack the book that Josh and I started several months back. Until then...we are anxiously awaiting!

Monday, June 6, 2011


So, it's been a long time since I have blogged here. I had started a different blog awhile back, but did not last with that one. I have been feeling the calling to write more and more, but just don't sit down and indulge. So maybe I can start here again :o)

As people know, life gets hectic! And our household has been nothing less than hectic at many times over the last few months. Liam just had his first t-ball game last weekend and he did fantastic! It was so hot and the poor kid couldn't get enough water in him, but he toughed it out and made some great hits and catches! It was so much different from 3 years ago when he did t-ball :o) His coach is so awesome with all the kids and they are all learning so much. He has another practice this Wednesday night with his next game on Saturday afternoon. The team name is the Giants (like the San Francisco Giants) and boy does that seem true for Liam. My six year old and another little boy are the tallest on the team. And as mommy watched from the sidelines, I saw my not so little boy run to first base, give dad a high five (Josh was coaching first base) and stand next to him - seriously looking like a giant. I have been realizing over the last year that my child is no longer little or a baby. He is handsome, tall, smart, loving, caring of others, learning to be a gentleman, excellent reader, struggles with math (but is still determined to figure it out), sweet, thoughtful and continuing to grow right before my eyes. Sure, we have our days, but I wouldn't want it any other way - and if you think about it, how boring would it be if he was perfect?! And how imperfect would that make me look? Anyway, he is growing up and I love it, but those precious moments where I get to snuggle him and he's my little boy (even for a moment) melt my heart!

Our days have also been filled with school, doctor's appointments, family plans, birthdays and parties for those birthdays, holidays and preparing for the new baby. We have purposefully not planned things on weekends in order to utilize some of that time for just relaxing at home as a family, but somehow the weekends don't always end up free :o) After this coming weekend, we have two weekends that are relatively open before Austin gets here. I have been telling Josh to take advantage of some of the free time to go fishing. He hasn't had much time to do this, so I wanted to make sure he had several weekends where he could just go out and enjoy a few hours of the morning to himself. So far he has been out a couple of times and caught some pretty nice size bass!

With 5 weeks left until my due date, all three of us seem to be growing into something more. Liam has been taking on not only a big brother role, but also a gentleman and protective role. Josh has been experiencing the joys of pregnancy and also the anxiousness every time I have a contraction, which has helped him to see just exactly what my body goes through in pregnancy. He has also gotten emotional and protective as well! I have been growing into my stay at home mom role. I use to feel like I needed a job in order to feel worthwhile and appreciated, but over the last year since I graduated from college and have been a true stay at home mom, I have been truly enjoying the ability to spend so much time at home with my boy! Even though I don't always feel appreciated, I know that I wouldn't want it any other way and can't imagine going back to work. I am truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to stay at home with Liam and now Austin. I will miss having my oldest boy at home with me come August as he will be entering first grade and be in school all day. He has three days left in Kindergarten!

Growth can be amazing!