Monday, July 13, 2015

Fair Trade Friday

As many of you have noticed, I have been posting on my Facebook site about a ministry called Fair Trade Friday. Or maybe you have seen me wearing these gorgeous earrings:

Image courtesy of Fair Trade Friday

The opportunity to become a small part of this organization came to me and I immediately seized it. My little part is simply to blog and share about the wonderful ways that Mercy House Kenya and Fair Trade Friday are empowering women to be able to better their own lives. Just one example of the many women who have been impacted is Pauline.

Image courtesy of Fair Trade Friday

This is a small glimpse of her story:

Pauline was only 15 years old when she became pregnant through force. 
When she moved into Rehema House in Kenya, the maternity home 
funded by Mercy House, she was desperate and hopeless. In just a few 
short years, her life has been transformed through the Gospel. Her son, 
Melvin, is thriving. Recently, Pauline graduated from the residence 
program and moved back home. She attends vocational beauty school 5 
days a week, while Melvin is in school because of sponsorship. Every 
Saturday, she goes into the heart of her slum and teaches more than 20 
mothers how to make beautiful product that is then sent to the USA and 
mailed out in air Trade riday boxes. The women in this community 
outreach make around $50 a month from the product and that’s enough 
to pay for rent, provide food and school fees for their children. rom a 
pregnant teen to a mother/teacher, Pauline’s future is bright and she is a 
beautiful example of what God can do. 


You might be asking how you can help those women who are across the world from you. By taking advantage of one if the many options Fair Trade Friday and Mercy House Kenya have available, you will be doing just that, helping.

* Become a member of Fair Trade Friday's monthly club boxes. More information can be found here. There is currently a waiting list, but they are adding more members every month!

Image courtesy of Fair Trade Friday

* You could also purchase a one time box.

* Another way of helping is by joining the Earring of the Month Club. Each month, you will receive a fabulous pair if earrings. (Also currently a wait list, but still sign up!)

The Mercy Shop has even more beautiful products awaiting your purchase.

Image courtesy of Fair Trade Friday

Please consider partnering with these ministries in order to empower women all over the world!