Monday, December 22, 2008

I know that some people already know about my engagement, however, not everyone does. Also, most people do not know the details of the engagement or my Josh :o)
So, everyone, meet Josh Thompson. He is a 29 year old guy from Goshen, IN. He loves bull riding and bronc riding, however, he has not done it in quite awhile - no money and he has me around now. He is a truck driver for a company called TMC based out of Des Moines, IA. He loves his job even though he hates winter. The company that he works for gets all the guys home every weekend. There are 6 weekends out of the year that he will have to work, but other than that he will be home every weekend.
Obviously, as you can see, these two middle pictures are of my ring. I helped pick it out, but he was the one that went and purchased it.
Josh and I have not been together an increidibly long time - since summer. But we have been praying non-stop about our relationship and telling God that we want his will with us. We have not felt any opposition with the way our relationship has been moving. He and I have so much in common with out pasts and the way we live that it just seemed obvious. He is an amazing man, who challenges me to voice things a lot more than I used to. He lets me follow him instead of having to be the leader all of the time. He supports the career that I want, as well as, my schooling and how important that is to me. I will be graduating in a year and I told him that without a doubt I want to finish.

He is great with Liam! Josh loves Liam like he is his own son. He does not have any children, but he now calls Liam his boy. They play together all the time when Josh is home. Liam loves that Josh drives a "big black peterbilt truck!" Josh also builds huge train tracks all over the living room floor that are very intricately detailed for Liam and his trains. Liam is so thrilled when he sees it. The two of them have bonded quite a bit and it is so good to see.

Josh is also a very old fashioned guy. He opens doors for me all of the time, walks on the outside of the sidewalk when it is next to a street, walks in front of me to block -7 degree wind, in hopes of keeping me warmer, he holds my hand all the time, sits on the outside of the pew at church and loves spending any sort of time with me that he can.
The proposal:
Josh took me out to a steak house in Michigan City, about 15 minutes away, and we got to sit right next to a fireplace (very unplanned on his part). We ate our dinner, which was excellent! Then we decided to go right around the corner to the Washington Park because they had to whole park covered in Christmas lights. We parked his truck and walked through (in freezing temperatures) the light show. We walked up into the gazebo to look at the lights more and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
Ever since, we have been busy planning and figuring things out. We decided that we do not want a big wedding. We have both been married before and had the big wedding. We want small and simple right now. That just seems so much easier and exciting to us at this point. Plus, we don't have a whole ton of money to be spending on the wedding. Well, that's all for now, but more photos and blogs will be posted!