Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waiting at the Bus Stop

We sit in the car with it running as it is a little chilly outside to have AJ out waiting for his big brother to get on the bus. Music is playing softly in the background and Liam is talking to his little brother. Liam is trying to get his morning smiles from AJ that he hasn't gotten yet. I hear a little giggle and then Liam laughs too.

"I spy something.....green!" comes from behind me.

"The grass?"

"Yep, one more, mom! It's higher."

"The leaves?"

"Good job, mom! Your turn."

I look around the scenery in front of me to find something with color. EVERYTHING has color right now :o) I notice all the trees that are turning their gorgeous colors of orange, yellow and red. The grass being covered with all those leaves. And I can just make out the crunching of those same leaves from the other kids coming to the bus stop.

"I spy something....blue!" I tell my oldest boy.

"Um...the sky?"

"Yep, that's one!"

"Audrie's house?"

"Well, yes, Audrie's house is blue, but we can't see her house right now."

"The other house right in front of us?"

"Good eyes, buddy!"

The bus pulls up, I get a hug and a kiss. As he walks away I hear:

"I love you to God and back!"

See, we both realized that saying I love you to the moon and back was just not enough. So Liam started saying I love you to God and back because that is just so much more! My heart melts as I watch him climb onto the bus and head to school. My how he is growing up....

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CJ said...

They grow up way too fast!! My "To the moon and back" baby will turn fifteen in a few days.

Heather EO said...

I love love love "love you to God and back"

That's just the right kind of far :)

Galit Breen said...

Lovely moment, lovely words.