Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh Sleep!

Oh sleep! Where have you gone? I use to know what sleep was all about, but now it has gone away. I can't remember what good, solid, comfortable, uninterrupted sleep is like. I know eventually it will come back and I will know it once again, but I am tired. Oh the things you give up and sacrifice when you become parents!

You see, we are trying to transition Austin from bassinet to crib. He wasn't doing the greatest with that and we don't want to cause him to wake up his older brother when Liam has school. So we decided to put the pack n play up in our room and do that. Well Austin is NOT having that at all. He will be sound asleep and then as soon as I lay him down, WIDE awake!

So I pick him up.

He falls back to sleep.

I lay him down again.

He wakes up again.

Which leaves mommy...no sleep!

Yes, I might be complaining or whining and I'm sorry if it sounds like I it. I love my sons and wouldn't change anything, ever, nor would I give them up for sleep. I'm just tired!

Oh sleep, I miss you!

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CJ said...

I gave up. Co-sleeping works for us, for now.

Heather EO said...

Oh how I hear you. Sleep is for the weak! :)