Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not mine, but Yours!

Our baby turned two months old last Friday, the 9th - two months! How is it that much time has gone by already? It seems like just yesterday that I was still pregnant. Still pregnant and wondering.  Wondering when he was going to come, when we would be able to see his precious face, who he would look like how big he was going to be and so much more.

Now, he is here! Smiling, laughing, cooing and growing up so fast. There are still many times when Austin is laying on my chest and I turn to Josh and say "I can't believe he is ours!" or "We have a baby!". Josh will look at me, smile, shake his head and say something in affirmation.

It still amazes me, God's plan and design! How he can form these little people inside of their mother's womb. They go from a fertilized egg all the way to a baby! It takes my breath away to think about all the in between stages and the intricate details of a human that have to be pieced together. It is truly amazing! We are so blessed to have a Father who loves us so much that he would take his time in the way he makes us. He doesn't just throw us together and make it all easy - he makes each part of us with such a design and idea that it could be called intricate, complicated or thoughtful. He thought of everything when he made his beloved.

This is how my boys were made! With such love, time, caring and knowledge. I have to remember that these boys, no matter how much I love them, are not mine. The are God's boys! He has just given me the wonderful opportunity and blessing to be their mother. Ultimately though, they belong to Him! I'm sure as a Father well before I ever became a mother, he loves and takes delight in watching them grow, develop and learn, just as I do!

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