Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

A month...I can't believe it has already been a month! Amid the sleepless nights, constant feedings and changings, split attention and adjustment period, there are those moments that you cherish and that make all the other stuff worth it!

As I learn more and more about my youngest little man, the one thing I love to see are his smiles! Of course, that would be the true smiles :o) Not just the gas ones! His eyes just light up when he has a true smile - and it takes up his entire face! His eye color is so dark - and has been since birth - but it seems as though when he truly smiles they have a sparkle to them.

We know what his cries mean, usually! We can tell when he just wants to be close. And we are also speculating on what things he may or may not like as he grows up. Like his nose - I have a feeling he is going to be a child that puts up a holy fit when he has to have his nose wiped. He already can't stand just to have it wiped even the slightest bit.

I have found the best times for the boys and I to venture out and have a routine for when we do it. I never was a morning person, but having a second child has made me more of one even more than the first one did. I get a lot of my things done first thing in the morning - whether it be errands that take us out of the house or getting some things done around the house. It seems to happen earlier in the day rather than later, which seems to work out better because then we have all day to do whatever else we want or can.

This morning was one of those times that we ventured out for a bit in the morning because I had to register the oldest little one for school. I have a first grader...yes, a first grader! Where did the time go and when did he grow up? It seems like overnight he has gone from being the first little one growing in my belly to being halfway to a teenager! He is so excited for school to start - he's been asking me since June when school starts again. That is fine with mommy because I loved being in school too! He learns so much so quickly! We ride in the car and he starts reading signs and words that I didn't even know he could pronounce! A few weeks ago, we checked out a book from the library and one of the words in the title was "universe". I thought for sure that was going to be one of the words I had to help him sound out, but he said it without any trouble right off the bat. He blows me away sometimes! And I know it won't be long before the littlest one starts blowing me away with the things that he learns and does!

Time just goes by way to quickly! They grow up and get smart before your eyes. They are babies - blink once and they are in elementary school, blink again - high school, again - graduating college, once more and they are getting married and having babies of their own!

Speaking of babies, my littlest one beckons! Time to get back :o)

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