Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wedding! :o)

I know most of you have already seen these photos because they are on my facebook. However, I thought I would still post some here. I know it has been awhile, other than my post from 2 minutes ago, since I have blogged. Life has been crazy, full and blessed. This day for us was amazing and I can't believe it has already been four months almost. Wow, time sure does fly! I haven't entirely figured out why, but I love this first photo. It is odd, but captures what's needed :o)

Liam helped walk me down the isle along with my dad. It was a precious moment (no pun intended), even though the sun was in Liam's eyes and he kept blocking his face with his arm. This whole day came together quite nicely for us and we couldn't have imagined anything better. We both wanted every single person to be able to join in our celebration. However, a nice small, intimate wedding was what both of us longed for. We loved the idea of getting married under the tree in my parents' yard. Keeping everything simple and uncomplicated made things much less stressful for us. About the only thing that we were worried about was whether or not Josh was even going to make it home for the wedding. His boss made it difficult, but he was there and that's all that matters. It was a great day! :o)

This photo of the unity candle both of us absolutely adore. If you look closely, you can see that the candle was lit. However, right after this picture was taken, the flame blew out. Our photographer was quite with his fingers to get the shot. We love that it shows the candle and the flame. When we have the money, we hope to get this printed off and hung up as a reminder for us both. Life has a way of taking over and sometimes a little reminder is all you need.

This is my family! And I love them dearly!

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