Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Summer Fun!

This summer I did not have a whole lot of money to go out and get some new pictures of Liam and I done. I haven't gotten to have "professional" pictures of the two of us done in about 2 years. I either have not had the money or he and I have not had the time. My friend decided to take the top four pictures of Liam and I. He knew that I had bunches of pictures of Liam or Liam with other people, but when I am the photographer, which I do not mind being one bit, I can't really get pictures of my boy and me together. So he grabbed his camera and met us at the park to just take some natural pictures. The last picture, the one that is color and only Liam, I took myself while we were taking a walk through a local area. The place we go to walk is called Coffee Creek. Liam loves going there because they have a waterfall (small one) and a water fountain in the middle of a lake. You can go to one side of the lake and sit by the waterfall. There are many trails throughout the entire place and I just let Liam run and run and run. He has gotten into the habit lately that about the only way he will stop when he is running if you holler "red light" to him. He loves it! He instantly stops in his tracks and just turns around with a huge smile on his face! He has started to use "red light" other places as well, but on mommy. He jokingly says it to get me to stop whatever I am doing.
The summer has just gone by way too quickly for us. I am 5 weeks into my new semester of school and working 25 hours a week as an English and writing tutor; the same place that I have been working for 2 years. I am taking 5 classes; 3 English classes, a Statistics class and an Astronomy class. All of which keep me busy! Of course adding to that, I am a mommy, so that keeps me busy as well.

We have had such a fun summer and I am so happy that I mostly took the summer off to spend it with Liam. Now that school has started fun times with Liam are much fewer and far
between because of the hectic schedule. We were able to make it to the zoo before school started for me and he absolutely loved that! We went with my best friend and her two daughters.

I am slowly but surely getting done with school. If everything goes the way that I am planning right now, then I will be done in December of 2009, finally! I am really buckling down with the classes, but it will be worth it once I am done and I am able to just spend the most of my time with Liam instead of juggling both school and work, it will just be work.
Before I know it, Liam will be in school full time and then life will just take off even quicker than it already has gone by. His daycare that he has been in for over a year is practically a preschool as it is. He has learned so much and the whole place is just so educational. It seems like he could be ready for college within the next year because of how much of a sponge he is. Yes, I am his mom, so I am kind of biased, but he is learning so much and doing so great with using what he learns! Anyway, that's my blog for now. I have a few other blog ideas, I just need to get the time to put the pictures on here! Enjoy!

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librariane said...

Ack! Your hair is so long and Liam looks so old! Perhaps it's the short hair for him...